YIN YOGA is a meditative, gentle and in-depth form of yoga with a focus on the breath. The pace is calm and the positions are primarily performed sitting and lying down. You hold the positions for 3-5 minutes at a time, so that the body has time to release tension and yield. The intention is to get deep into your physical body to soften the connective tissue. The work with the connective tissue allows your body to recover faster and healthier and thus create a better balance in your body and mind. When you allow yourself to get deep into the body, it can positively affect your mental state - the mind gets a nice break from everyday life and busyness. Together with the breathing, the positions of YIN yoga - and the time spent in them - will reduce the amount of stress hormones in the body. Anyone can participate in this class and please bring your own towel.

You can either train at normal room temperature or take part in classes where we have turned the temperature up to 30 degrees in the room. Find your youth class on the team schedule .