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Ark Journal

Sheet Journal vol. IX

Sheet Journal vol. IX

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Ark Journal Volume IX uses the question "What is already there?" to examine the creativity and hard work that goes into new projects and those involving renovation, restoration and expansion. We delve into Copenhagen's rich architectural heritage and visit the listed and renovated Copenhagen apartment belonging to an artist couple who took pains to preserve its soul, but also make it a family home. A photo report by architect Mathias Mentze captures Copenhagen's oldest museum, Thorvaldsens Museum, with its rich colors, mosaic floors and frescoes, and a special effort shows the works of Copenhagen artist Albert Grøndahl, a photographer who explores the intersection between personal narratives and cultural and historical references .

A Mexican gallerist couple has transformed a series of ruins into a home full of art, mixing indoor and outdoor spaces, maintaining the existing structures and incorporating them into a harmonious mix of old and new.
The architecture and design practice of Fanny Bauer Grung and David Lopez Quincoces believe in the idea that old and new can do more than just co-exist but can illuminate the past and the present, and we see this philosophy in action in their home and new studio in Milan.

At its core, good design and architecture have the power to evoke emotion and elevate our experiences within a space. Volume IX finds homes and spaces where design has a profound physical and emotional impact: the studio and home of Finnish master designer Yrjö Kukkapuro, a home in Oaxaca open to the jungle, a transparent penthouse in Antwerp, a modest but soulful mid-century house in Los Angeles, and many more.

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