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Ark Journal

Sheet Journal vol. VIII

Sheet Journal vol. VIII

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In Ark Journal Volume VIII we reflect on the idea of ​​a more fluid and holistic way of thinking and creating. We visit perfumer Barnabé Fillion from Arpa Studios in Paris, whose work is inspired by his own synesthesia, where he visualizes scents as invisible landscapes. In New York, Landon Metz, an artist whose practice explores painting as a fluid meditative activity, has created an exclusive series of artworks for Ark Journal. We also share a personal memoir by the renowned fine art photographer Martien Mulder from New York. She is a minimalist whose images are simple but warm and accessible, with photographs that reflect her travels, her movements and her life.

The homes selected for this issue, from Los Angeles to a small town in Northern Italy and from Copenhagen to Brussels, open new perspectives on the culture of specific places and how the houses relate to their surroundings. John Pawson's house for Michael Maharam is built entirely of stone from the mountainous area, and its livable minimalism creates a dialogue between nature, architecture and the residents. In the same way, Kim Rahbek Hansen's summer house on the island of Falster by Terese Erngaard from the Swiss practice Diener & Diener tells beautifully about finding the right place on the border between land and sea. Also washed by waves, in Helsinki, a sauna oscillates between private and public life for Finnish architect Tuomas Toivonen and Japanese designer Nene Tsuboi, creators and custodians of this contemplative yet community-oriented space.

A diversity of creativity, languages ​​and origins unite in this issue. Among others, we meet the interdisciplinary designer Raf Simon in conversation with curator and design director Marco Sammicheli. Also bridging fashion, art and design, Ann Demeulemeester and her partner and collaborator Patrick Robyn share their four-decade-long creative journey.


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