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Your consciousness is a force that can bring you happiness and success if you train it and elevate it. This book is about giving you insight into how to take leadership in your life through higher consciousness.

The book contains different understandings of and experiences with living consciously and focuses on the value of human consciousness in a time when we long for perceptibility rather than measurement, at the same time as artificial intelligence is gaining ground.

We want to inspire you to be able to live your life with an even higher awareness, so that you can create the results and success you want. Our greatest ambition is to raise your awareness of your consciousness to a higher plane so that you can take leadership and translate the knowledge the book gives you into action.

May your consciousness make your dreams come true.

By Rikke Hertz & Anders Hansen

With interviews with Hella Joof, Mia Wagner, Martin Thorborg and Maja Bjerre Christiansen & Jess Bjerre Jørgensen

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