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EGF Hand Serum is a luxurious approach to hand care. A moisturizing and nourishing serum that is used exactly like a traditional hand cream for dry skin. Bioeffect's signature ingredient, EGF extracted from barley is of course among the formula's mere 13 pure and effective ingredients.

EGF Hand Serum repairs the skin in depth, moisturizes dry, cracked hands and around the nails while strengthening the skin's barrier function and reducing the occurrence of hyperpigmentation. You can, without exaggeration, say that EGF Hand Serum is a cream for dry skin with an anti-aging effect for the exposed skin on the hands, which usually ages faster than elsewhere on the body. The serum's non-greasy and light, jelly-like texture is quickly absorbed, leaving hands soft and well-cared for.

Ideal for moisturizing dry skin on the hands every day all year round. The pump function ensures hygienic and correct dosing. Easy to carry in your bag and always at hand. A good gift idea that can be used by everyone.

Size: 40 ml

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