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Probiotic Sport & Active

Probiotic Sport & Active

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Are you tired of detergents full of harsh chemicals that damage your colored clothes? Then our super-concentrated detergent with probiotics, Color Laundry Liquid, is the perfect solution for you. Our innovative detergent effectively removes dirt and reduces the unpleasant smell of sweat in your clothes in a natural way.

Color Laundry Liquid is created with consideration and care for both you and the environment. Our detergent is formulated with probiotics that actively fight odor problems and leave your clothes fresh and fragrant with its mild scent of Fig Milk.

If you have a bad smell in your clothes, our Color Laundry Liquid is your rescue. Simply soak your clothes and the active probiotic bacteria will effectively reduce odors in a natural and gentle way. However, remember to dose correctly to achieve the best results. Use only 20 ml. for a full machine and only 5 ml when soaking. In addition to removing odors from your clothes, the probiotics also help prevent unpleasant odors in your washing machine, pipes and drains.

We are proud of our commitment to fair trade and responsibility, and Color Laundry Liquid is no exception. We have carefully selected the ingredients and ensured that both the bottle, label and lid are made from 100% recycled plastic. By choosing our detergent, you make a difference to the environment and support a more responsible future.

Give your colored clothes the gentle care they deserve with Color Laundry Liquid. Order today and experience the difference with our probiotic detergent. It is a responsible, effective and natural solution to preserve the colors of your clothes, wash them clean and remove odors at the same time. Your wardrobe and the environment will thank you!

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