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Wicker - The history of Danish wicker furniture

Wicker - The history of Danish wicker furniture

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In the 1850s, wicker furniture became a permanent fixture in the wealthy bourgeoisie's health resorts and spa hotels. During the 20th century, the furniture found its way into Danish homes as architect-designed furniture and became part of the history of 'Danish Modern'. And for many Danes, wicker furniture rhymes with the classic Danish summer houses, since in the 1950s the furniture became a permanent interior in the summer country's black wooden houses. In the 1970s, wicker furniture was supplanted by new ways of furnishing. Steel and plastic found their way into Danish homes, and the wicker furniture once again moved out into the garden room and into the summer houses, which in the meantime had become popular as the Danes got cars and more free time. As this book shows, wicker furniture has today had a renaissance as vintage furniture and as newly produced furniture from the East. Birgit Lyngbye Pedersen, born 1961, is a design historian, photo editor and co-author of several books, including about the furniture architect Finn Juhl.

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