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Aceto balsamic fico verde

Aceto balsamic fico verde

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Balsamic vinegar with green fig

Organic grapes from the Emilia-Romagna area and flavored with organic green figs.

Quantity: 250 ml.

An obvious choice to drizzle over a fresh salad together with Gridelli olive oil. Extra delicious paired with cheese, such as a salad with goat cheese or feta. Excellent for mulled wine combined with blue cheese and gingerbread.

"This balsamic has a fruity and fresh taste that reminds us of beautiful days in Italy. For us, this balsamic has special meaning, as our grandmother had a big fig tree with green figs in the garden, which we enjoyed whenever we had the chance". - Liza & Tommie Gridelli, founders of Gridelli


Contains 95.8% IGP classified balsamic vinegar from Modena, 4% infusion of organic green figs and 0.2% natural flavourings.

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