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Glow Trio box

Glow Trio box

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Give your skin the ultimate pampering with Glow Trio. The gift box consists of a Cleanser, Hydra Serum, and Everyday Face Cream, which is everything you need for a simple but effective skincare routine. The products are fragrance-free and tailored to provide your skin with intense hydration and a radiant glow, regardless of skin type.

All products are full size. You save 20% when buying Glow Trio.

HONEY Cleanser is a no-foaming, fragrance free cleanser with a gel-like consistency to deeply cleanse without drying the skin. It has magnesium and calcium to calm tired and stressed skin and to strengthen the skin barrier. Moreover, organic avocado oil and aloe vera improves the skin structure and moisture level. The skin is left clean, supple and ready for the next step in your skincare regimen.  

HONEY Hydra Serum is a potent moisturizing serum whose main purpose is to provide the skin with a nourishing moisture boost. The serum is supplemented with niacinamide and two types of hyaluronic acids; one is of low molecular weight, which penetrates into the skin and acts from within. The other is with high molecular weight, which settles on the outside of the skin and provides silky soft moisture. The well-documented wonder ingredient, niacinamide, strengthens the skin's own collagen production and soothes redness and hyperpigmentation. The serum is suitable for all skin types, and is the ultimate self-care for the tired mother.

HONEY Everyday Face Cream is a luxurious and fragrance free face cream for radiant skin. Everyday Face Cream is rich in well-documented ingredients such as extoin, AHG and hyaluronic acid, a combination that works like magic on your skin. Ectoin promotes a smoother skin texture and strong skin barrier, AHG enhances microcirculation and provides a more illuminating skin, while hyaluronic acid reduces fine lines and intensely hydrates. It is a moisturizing and protectiong face cream for both AM and PM. 

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