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Mark Hermann

Original Beans Chocolate with Nibs 70%

Original Beans Chocolate with Nibs 70%

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Dark chocolate, Udzungwa, Tanzania

The cocoa bean used for this chocolate originates from the area around Udzungwa National Park in mountainous Tanzania.

In terms of taste, the chocolate has notes of orange and caramel, which are excellently complimented by the crunchy cocoa nibs.


Cacao mass 62.13% (Tanzania)
Raw cane sugar 29.13% (Paraguay),
Cacao butter 8.74% (Dom. Rep.)
Cacao beans (Tanzania)

Product specifications

Certified Organic
Gluten-free. Vegan

Support project in the Udzungwa Area

Deforestation pushes the mountain elephant in Tanzania closer to villages and farmers' crops, which is why the elephant is perceived as a pest and dealt with accordingly. The number of wild elephants in the Udzungwa area has declined by more than 50% since 2009.

Sales of this specific chocolate support local cocoa farmers, and thereby the protection of the national park as well as the Mountain Elephant that lives in the area. 40,000 trees and bee fences that guide the elephants around the fields have been planted in the meantime.

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