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Mark Hermann

Original Beans Chocolate 66%

Original Beans Chocolate 66%

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Wild dark chocolate, Beni Amazon, Bolivia

The chocolate is based on the rare Beniano cacao bean, which originates from the Beni River, which flows into Bolivia's Amazon River.

In terms of taste, the chocolate has notes of honey, apricot and jasmine tea.

About Beni Amazon

Sprung from savannah, forests and waterways, Beni is a forest archipelago that is called 'chocolatales' - the chocolate islands. The area is the only place where 100% wild cacao grows. The last 400 species of the Blue-necked Macaw parrot play a central role for cacao, as they are couriers and carry the seeds from island to island. The cacao beans themselves are somewhat smaller than the more common cacao varieties, but are distinguished by being exceptionally tasty.

Since 2010, Original Beans has been promoting Beniano chocolate and its conservation. The harvest of the wild cacao ensures that the natives get an income and harmonizes with the traditional use of the land. Original Beans' 'One bar: One tree' program in the Beni area helps preserve this natural wonderland and its wild inhabitants.

At Mark Hermann Chocolate, they are particularly happy to use it in our filled chocolate with strawberries, as the chocolate's sweetness and mildness compliment the taste well.

Cacao mass 57.53% (Bolivia)
Raw cane sugar 32.82% (Paraguay)
butter 9.65% (Dom. Rep.)

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Certified Organic

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