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Positive Daily Affirmation Cards

Positive Daily Affirmation Cards

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Daily Affirmation Cards to Promote Self-Care and Happiness! These affirmation cards are perfect for helping us take better care of ourselves.

The affirmation cards are the perfect reminder for someone to stop the negative self-talk. They can help to move forward in difficult times or days and inspire daily.

These Affirmation Cards are daily reminders to focus on self-love and self-care. You draw a card every morning and keep it near you, maybe on your computer, desk, maybe you put them up on the wall or in a journal, or even on your mirror as a constant reminder that you are enough and everything will be okay!

Contains 21 premium quality cards printed on fine 300gsm Italian paper with a 'hammered' texture that is very satisfying to the touch. (It is recyclable, FSC certified, ECF bleached and virgin fiber paper.).

A7 size with rounded corners

Inside a lovely drawstring bag to store them.

Handmade with love!

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