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Palo Santo Ceramic Holder

Palo Santo Ceramic Holder

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Ceramic incense holder - a charming and durable accessory designed to elevate your spiritual rituals and home atmosphere. Explore endless possibilities with this ceramic incense holder! Primarily designed as a Palo Santo holder, this versatile piece can hold incense, smudges, white sage, cones, candles and more. Made from durable ceramic, it combines functionality with elegance to be a versatile addition to your sacred space.

Crafted with care from durable ceramic material, this holder serves as a multi-functional center for various aromatic experiences. Its thoughtful design allows Palo Santo sticks, incense cones, smudges, white sage bundles and even candles to be held securely.

Approximate measurements:
- Height: 3 cm
- Width: 7.5 cm
- Length: 13 cm

Whether you're seeking a calm atmosphere during meditation, purifying your space with sacred herbs, or simply enjoying the cozy glow of candles, this ceramic holder provides a safe and stylish platform for your chosen items.

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