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Slow Drinks

Slow Drinks

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Slow Drinks teaches home chefs, industry professionals, homebrewers and harvesters how to transform botanical ingredients - whether harvested or store-bought - into incredibly unique drinks and cocktails.

Organized by season, Slow Drinks demonstrates how to make beverages that tell a story of botany, history, culture and terroir while honoring both old and new drinking traditions. Each season will highlight eight new ingredients with recipes that build on a foundational chapter and teach readers how to swap out the master recipes to make their own meads, country wines, beers, sodas, tinctures, shrubs, and more.

Beautifully photographed by the author's wife, Katie Childs, and illustrated by Molly Reader, Slow Drinks will be the definitive botanist's guide to mixology that can sit in your basket on a foraging trip or on the coffee table as a conversation piece.

This book is for bartenders, DIY enthusiasts, foodies, DIYers, homebrewers, food activists, and anyone who wants to delve into the world of botanical beverages.

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