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Matcha Yamabuki

Matcha Yamabuki

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Matcha Yamabuki is a premium culinary Japanese matcha, produced by Hoshino-Seichaen a family-run company located in Hoshino, Yame, Fukuoka. Yame is famous for its production of high quality tea with rich umami and deep flavor notes. 

Matcha Yamabuki is perfect for matcha latte, ice cream, desserts or in cold drinks such as mock/cocktails. It can also be whipped like a traditional matcha with 80 degree hot water.

Producing matcha is a difficult process, where entire fields are covered so that the bushes and fine tea leaves are not exposed to direct sunlight. After the leaves have been picked, they are processed through several stages, the last stage of which is to grind the leaves into a very fine powder. 

Ingredients: green tea.
Net weight: 100 grams.

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