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The Bucket List - Beer

The Bucket List - Beer

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An indispensable guide for the beer lover - where to visit, when to go, what to drink and everything in between.

Finally - a beer-centric forest list! Celebrating beer all over the world, this is a must-have for any beer aficionado. Whether you're planning a pub crawl, a weekend in the country or an extended vacation, this book is a treasure trove of ideas for the beer lover.

As you'd expect, this lively guide to beer-related travel includes a comprehensive list of hundreds of breweries large and small - both long-established and newly minted - that are open for tours and tastings, along with an in-depth look at their different approaches to brewing, philosophies about flavors and ingredients and what makes their beers special.

But this book digs deep into the world of beer and contains a wealth of ideas for exploring the world's best beer destinations: the gleaming modern taprooms of the Pacific Northwest; atmospheric English pubs; iconic breweries including San Francisco's Anchor Steam and the Czech Republic's original Pilsner; noisy festivals from Munich's Oktoberfest to Denver's Great American Beer; and other sights such as Germany's pop-up beer gardens or a pub crawl in Dublin where you can hoist a Guinness at James Joyce's favorite pub.

Liberally illustrated with atmospheric photos and reproductions of beer labels and logos, the book includes information on beer styles, food and beer pairings, drinking traditions, glassware, and a primer on brewing.
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