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The Bucket List - Wild

The Bucket List - Wild

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The most complete life list yet for the world's best places to see wildlife - both on and off the beaten track - from birding in an Ecuadorian cloud forest and floating among coral in the Maldives to volunteering with wildlife rescue groups or caring for injured endangered rhinos in Africa .

For anyone who is passionate about wildlife, this forest list offers lists around the world of ways to experience animals and birds in their natural habitats. Fun, life-affirming activities are the focus, from action-packed adventures (riding wild horses in France, snorkeling with sharks in Belize) to more relaxing experiences (walking through a wildflower reserve in South Africa or floating among coral in the Maldives).

Each activity is site-specific and geographically unique - kayaking with whales in Canada, watching snow monkeys take a sauna in Japan, going on a desert safari in Dubai. The book also addresses the issues facing vulnerable and endangered species and suggests ways travelers can help. Conservation-themed adventures include working as a Giant Panda keeper in China, volunteering at an endangered orangutan rescue in Indonesia, and watching over baby turtles in Costa Rica as they make their way from beach to sea.

Everyone has lifelong dreams of experiences they long to have, and this bucket list provides all the inspiration and practical advice needed for the seasoned globetrotter and armchair traveler alike.
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