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The Italian Bakery

The Italian Bakery

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Bake like an Italian with this latest Silver Spoon treasure – a culinary inspiration and a great kitchen companion. The Silver Spoon is known worldwide as the authoritative voice of Italian cuisine and the leading Italian culinary resource.

The Italian Bakery is the first volume in the Silver Spoon library to focus on dolci - the Italian term for all sweet treats. Dishes found in bakeries in Italy's various regions come to life in 140 available classic and modern pastry recipes, including a library of 50 core recipes for basic baking building blocks, each illustrated with step-by-step photography, aimed at both novice and experienced bakers.

Filled with cakes, pastries, pies, cookies, candies and chocolates and frozen puddings, the collection showcases a wide range of delicious desserts to suit everyday indulgences and celebrations on special occasions - the Italian way.

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