Memberships and cutting cards:

Can I change my membership myself?

  • To change your membership, write an email to: info@pwr8studio.com and we will change it for you

How many times and for how long can I suspend my membership?

  • Yes, write an email to info@pwr8studio.com with the desired suspension period
  • You can put your membership on hold twice a year, after which it costs DKK 100 per walk.
  • The suspension period is a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 3 months at a time.

How many bookings can I make per day?

  • You can book on two teams per day

Can I bring a friend to my membership?

  • Yes, if you have a discount card, you can book an extra seat for a friend
  • If you have an unlimited, 4X or 8X subscription, you must buy a clip card next to it to be able to book an extra seat

Can I bring a friend on my clip card?

  • Yes, then you just use an extra clip on your friend

Can you buy both New 1 Class Klippekort and New 5 Classes Klippekort?

  • Yes, you can as a new member with us

How long are the clip cards valid for?

  • 1 Class discount card is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase
  • 5 Class and all other clip cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase

What is the payment period for memberships?

  • The payment period runs from the date of purchase and 30 days onwards, so if you e.g. If you buy a membership on the 5th of a month, you will be charged again on the 5th of the following month

Cancellation of teams:

What is the deadline for deregistering a team?

  • You can freely cancel a team up to 12 hours before the start of the team

Why have I received a fee of DKK 100

  • If you have subscribed to one of our memberships, you will receive a fee of NOK 100 if you have not turned up for a team. As we often have waiting lists for many of our teams, we encourage you to deregister from the team, even if it is after the 12-hour deadline, so that others can get the opportunity to train instead

Why have I received a fee of DKK 50

  • If you have subscribed to one of our memberships, you will receive a fee of NOK 50 if you cancel the team after the 12-hour cancellation period and you give another member the opportunity to train instead

What is the cancellation policy when I have a clip card?

  • You lose a clip if you log out after the 12-hour log-out period - i.e. you will not get back the clip you used when registering

What happens if I get sick or I'm prevented from participating after the 12-hour cancellation period?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot refund cuts or fees due to illness or other events that would prevent you from participating in an hour after the 12 hour cancellation deadline

Participation in teams:

What footwear should I use to train in Reformer Pilates:

  • The most optimal is to use Toe sox, which i.a. can be purchased in our studios. You can train with regular socks, as there is a non-slip mat you can stand on
  • No training in bare feet in the reformer for hygienic reasons

What footwear should I use to train Burn&Build?

  • You must bring indoor training/running shoes to Burn&Build.

Should I bring a towel for hot hours?

  • Yes, please bring a towel to all our hot classes.

Other things:

How do I contact PWR.8 Studio?

  • You can either write an email to info@pwr8.studio.com or call 30439022 Mon-Fri ml. 09.00-12.00, except Wed. mm. 13.00-16.00

I have forgotten something in one of the studies, what do I do?

  • We have forget-me-not boxes in both studios. Ask the next time you come to the studio in question.

There are waiting lists for many of your teams, how do I join a team?

  • We are aware that we often have quite a waiting list for many of our teams. It often turns out, however, that there are vacant places on hold after the waiting list has been deleted. It will be 12 hours before the team's start

I am registered for a PWR.8 Mom&baby bootcamp, but there are times when I am not able to attend. Can I get a place at one of the other PWR.8 Mom&baby bootcamps that train on other days?

  • If there is room on one of the other teams, you may well be allowed to train. You agree this directly with the instructor in question on the team

Do you offer a student/pensioner discount?

  • No, we do not offer a student/pensioner discount

Do you offer teams only in English?

  • Yes, it will appear on the team schedule if the entire lesson is in English

Can I train on the 'non-English teams' if I don't understand Danish?

  • Yes you can. If you make the instructor aware that you do not understand Danish, he/she will translate the most important cues into English along the way, but the class is primarily taught in Danish.

Where can I see which teams you offer on the team schedule?

  • You can either access our team schedule on our website www.pwr8.com
  • You can also download our app 'PWR.8 Studio