How to get started training with us:
1. Create a profile here or via our app, and then you can book your next training session.
2. In the shop, you can choose 'Buy trial lesson', 'Cutting card' or 'Membership'. Here you can too
select 'Register for course' if you want to participate in one of our bootcamps.
3. Now choose in which studio and on which team you want to train. Find team descriptions here .
4. We often have waiting lists for many teams, but don't be alarmed by the fact that there are many
in front of you. There is often room on the team anyway, and you will be notified 12 hours before the start of the class.
If you are prevented from training, you must deregister no later than 12 hours before the start of training, if you
will not lose your clip or be charged a fee (for membership). Right up to the start of the team, maybe
therefore, there will also be free places in case of late cancellations, which you can book. We are looking forward to
train with you.

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