4 week bootcamp

The power bootcamp is for you who want to rediscover the joy of training or just get new inspiration. You get an introduction to all our concepts and outdoor training. Before starting, we kick-start the bootcamp with a lecture on diet and inspiration for the healthy good life.

You will get:

4 weeks of intensive, varied and motivating training.

Exclusive team training 3 times a week + 5 clips for optional training on our other teams.

Control weighing and body analysis before and after the bootcamp.

Inspiration and ideas for recipes and healthy eating.

Common Facebook group for questions and comments.

We run our Power Bootcamp in both Østerbro and Frederiksberg with a staggered start spread over the whole year.

Østerbro start-up week: 47

Frederiksberg start-up: week 44

Register here (insert link)

Price DKK 4,000

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