8 Week Bootcamp

Get a more nuanced picture of your health.

The health experiment is a kickstart to a stronger body and a healthier life, with targeted training for 8 weeks (excl. 2 test weeks).

In collaboration with VO2 Lab and our physiotherapist, we measure and test you before and after the bootcamp and based on your physical potential and individual guidance, we challenge you to see how much you can improve your health in just 2 hours of effective training per week for 8 weeks. The training is based on our Burn&Build concept, which is short circuit and strength intervals, and everyone can participate regardless of level or ambitions.

You will get:

2 hours of weekly training for 8 weeks.

Test of your fitness (VO2 max).

Strength test.

Measures of weight, fat percentage, muscle mass and lap measurements.

Blood test for measuring blood values ​​for cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar.

How to bring:

Register here (insert link)

Prices: DKK 6,500 incl. all tests and trainings.

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