PWR.8 Burn&Build Education

Burn&Build is high-intensity and effective interval training based on cardio and strength intervals on the treadmill and on the floor and exercise bench, where the training takes place with dumbbells, kettlebells and your own body weight. The aim of the teaching is to be able to master the instruction of 2 different groups at the same time, so that the participants are challenged to get their heart rate up, strength train at the same time as the sense of community is high.

You will get:

12 hour training course spread over 3 evenings/weekends

Basic exercise review

Training and programming

Basic anatomy and physiology

Body awareness and damage theory

Hands on and modification of exercises

Musical understanding and performance

The education ends with an exam and diploma

In addition, you get 5 clips for training (value DKK 700)

How to bring:

In principle, everyone can participate, but it is an advantage that you have good training experience and a good understanding of anatomy and preferably other coaching experience.

Time & Place: The training takes place in both of our studios. We hold courses in spring and autumn.

See dates and register here (insert link)

Price (pounds. 3,000, -

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