About us

PWR.8 Studio offers positive communities with training for everyone who wants to keep the body healthy and strong throughout life.

Become an even happier, stronger and healthier version of yourself.

At PWR.8 Studio, we create informal, active spaces with many different forms of training, which stand well on their own, but which become even better when combined. Variety in training is the key to a healthy and strong body in balance. We are curious about new forms of training and new knowledge and continuously refine our offer, so that you are guaranteed the best training for you and your needs. Our focus is on functional strength and conditioning training and mobility training with elements of breathing exercises and mindfulness.

We also offer personal training for those who want an individually arranged course according to your exact needs. If you want to give yourself a positive boost of energy and self-pampering, we offer different types of Bootcamps and Retreats in selected destinations around the world, from Mallorca to Switzerland. Here you can combine exercise, healthy food and relaxation in a positive community.

We created PWR.8 Studio as the positive training community we ourselves were missing. Where there is presence and high-quality training with the best trained instructors. Our biggest ambition is to ensure that you get the most out of your training and are educated in getting to know your body better. We are inspired by the Danish association culture, where we sincerely care about each other's well-being and where we have fun together. We are all responsible for our own bodies, but at PWR.8 Studio we know that it is much more fun to be healthy when there are more of us about it and everyone is invited regardless of age, gender, level or ambitions.

Founders, owners and instructors of PWR.8 Studio Jan Svensson & Tor Andersen

Gun-Britt Zeller is part of PWR.8 Studio


Hairdresser Gun-Britt started training at PWR.8 Studio and has since invested in the company. Gun-britt has turned 73 and works every day in her hairdressing salon with her dedicated team. Gun-Britt stays active every day and you will often meet her in training clothes in our studios, with sweat on her forehead.


"I immediately felt Tor & Jan's great love for creating positive and active experiences for other people. I myself found joy in training with others and therefore it felt very right to join this health and happiness adventure”.

For many, training is something that just has to be done, but we want to raise the bar so that after a workout at PWR.8 Studio you leave a little happier - preferably a little out of breath and with your body full of good energy and well-being. As a bonus, you would like to sleep better at night and get one step closer to living a healthier and longer life. It's never too late to start, and we'll do our best to make sure you don't stop again. We look forward to you becoming part of PWR.8 Studio.