8 Week Bootcamp


If you want to start training again after giving birth in a gentle and effective way, PWRMOM&BABY Reformer is for you. You bring your baby to training, and we take into account that it should be pleasant for everyone. You can either come alone with the baby or invite your group of mothers or a friend along.


Has your baby started to crawl so it can be difficult to keep track of baby while you train in the reformer, or have you already participated in a reformer class and would like to continue your training or do you just want even more or harder training in terms of strength - and cardio training, then our Burn team is something for you. Here we train with weights and functional exercises with own body weight with and without baby in arms.

At both bootcamps, we recommend that you only start after an 8-week check-up with your own doctor. At start-up, we provide individual guidance and can help to sort out e.g. for separated abdominal muscles, so you ensure the best possible rehabilitation.

How to bring:

Bootcamp starts in weeks 1, 9, 18, 36 and 44

Time & place: You can find bootcamps at both Østerbro and Frederiksberg, mornings most days during the week.

Find and book the team that suits you here (insert link)

Prices: DKK DKK 1,300 per 8 week bootcamp with 1 weekly training session.