8 Week Bootcamp

Senior Reformer

Reforms for you who want to strengthen the whole body with Pilates-based training as well as improve your balance in order to maintain an active life in a gentle and effective way. The reformer was originally made for rehabilitation of injuries, so there are always alternatives and plenty of options to adapt the training individually so that everyone can follow along.

Senior Strength

Based on circuit training, the whole body is trained with a focus on individual and simple strength exercises with your own body weight, weights and elastic bands. We challenge the balance and work to strengthen the stomach, back, thighs and buttocks as well as ensure stability in the knees and hips.

You will get:

1 weekly training per boot camp

Place: We have Senior bootcamps in both Østerbro and Frederiksberg

Time: We hold bootcamps several days a week in the morning

See times and register here (insert link)

Price (pounds. 700,-

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